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Rainstorm by Cindy Bonds: A Book Review

photo of Rainstorm

Make sure to read Rainstorm by Cindy Bonds in a place where you feel safe and secure with the lights on. Set in Cave Springs, Arkansas, in the fall, much of the action takes place in the rain. The weather mirrors the inner storms of the heroine. Laurel Ashburn, complete with skills and scars she […]

Book Review: Border Breach by Darlene L. Turner

photo of Border Breach

Get ready for an exciting trip to Canada! And you won’t need your passport or to exchange your dollars for loonies and toonies. All you need is a copy of Border Breach by Darlene L. Turner. In the U.S., the words Border Patrol send our thoughts south to our boundary with Mexico. But our northern neighbor, […]

Book Review: Bogged Down by Murder by Kathy Cretsinger

photo of Bogged Down by Murder

Nothing Shady Ever Happens in Shady Valley  Bogged Down by Murder by Kathy Cretsinger is her first book in a new series. In it, she introduces us to Shady Valley. Nestled between the Iron Mountains to the southeast and Holston Mountain to the northwest, Shady Valley is an actual small town in eastern Tennessee—and I […]

Book Review: Grave Consequences by Debra DuPree Williams

Grave Consequences by Debra DuPree Williams

When reading Grave Consequences by Debra DuPree Williams, turn the way-back machine to 1968. You remember 1968. The year The Beatles released “Hey Jude” and McDonald’s started serving the Big Mac? The Tet offensive launched the Vietnam War, James Earl Ray assassinated Martin Luther King in Memphis, and two months later, Robert Kennedy suffered the […]

Book Review: Collateral Damage by Lynette Eason

book Collateral Damage by Lynette Eason

Book Review: Collateral Damage by Lynette Eason Be sure to read Collateral Damage by Lynette Eason in a secure location! And you might require plenty of rations as well. Once I began reading, I couldn’t put it down, and finished the 322-page novel in a day and a half. Asher James The first two chapters […]

Book Review: Justice Delivered by Patricia Bradley

I recommend that you begin reading Justice Delivered by Patricia Bradley on a day when you have nothing urgent to accomplish! The story draws you in on the first page and holds your attention to the end. Justice Delivered is the last in a four book series set in Memphis, TN. One of the themes […]

Book Review: “Murder in the Family” by Ramona Richards

As I write this, COVID-19 forces a good portion of the population to remain housebound. Cinemas, libraries, and even churches have closed their doors. Restaurants supply take-out only. Cars sit idle and streets are eerily quiet as people stay indoors. Doing what you might ask? Many are taking the time to do chores put off […]

Book Review: “Terminal Breach” by Steve Bradshaw

If you look in the dictionary under thriller, you’d find the words Terminal Breach by Steve Bradshaw! But let me give you some advice. Get out your passport, and a notepad and pen before you read the first word. You’ll need both. He says it best when he writes that he manages to “craft a […]

Book Review: “Fatal Strike” by DiAnn Mills

I suggest reading DiAnn Mills’ latest book, Fatal Strike, in a secure location inside. But, if you insist on reading it outside, at least get your feet off the ground—and have a snake bite kit handy. Better yet, a gun! While DiAnn writes in several genres, she is best known for her romantic suspense novels. […]