Photo Gallery

I’m ready. Bring on the book signings and author talks!

Fun times with Lynette Eason and Alycia Morales.


Meet & Greet at Library

Finally, my name in…well, not in lights, but on a sign for all to see.

Enjoyed meeting J.A. Jance so much! One of my favorite authors!

My co-author, Kendra Armstrong. beautiful inside and out.

Deborah Sprinkle Book Signing

A good day meeting people and signing books at the Southern Writers Event at the Collierville Library, Collierville, TN.

My fellow Word Weavers and dear friends, Sandra Hart and Starr Ayers.

I would say partners in crime, but two of them write historical, and one writes woman’s fiction!

DiAnn Mills and Edie Melson, two incredible ladies who have encouraged me so much through the years.