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Book Review: “Fatal Strike” by DiAnn Mills

I suggest reading DiAnn Mills’ latest book, Fatal Strike, in a secure location inside. But, if you insist on reading it outside, at least get your feet off the ground—and have a snake bite kit handy. Better yet, a gun!

While DiAnn writes in several genres, she is best known for her romantic suspense novels. She blends good characterization with well-thought out plots. And lots of action! It’s clear in all of her books that she’s done extensive research before keying the first word.

Fatal Strike is a prime example of her mastery. I liked her heroine, Leah Riesel, from the first page when she “took a last lingering look at the half-eaten blueberry donut and coffee on her cubicle’s desk.” (p. 1) On the next few pages, we discover she’s a special agent for the FBI, a sniper. She’s called to Galveston on an assignment where she meets Agent Jon Colbert, and the adventure begins.

After their initial task is finished, Leah and Jon are given a new case. They need to get to the bottom of recent killings in Galveston by a gang known as the Venenos. Their victims are killed by an injection of snake venom to the heart. But where do they get the venom? That’s only one of the questions Leah and Jon must answer.

As DiAnn writes on the back cover, “appearances may be deceiving.” Fatal Strike is filled with just the right amount of twists and turns—enough to be interesting, but not confusing. A perfect balance that makes a great read.