An Interview with Cindy Bonds

Cindy Bonds wears many hats. Author of Hostage and Rainstorm, she also works for an aviation insurance agency and is a devoted wife and mother. She manages to write in between work, gymnastics, ballgames, and all the other things that a mom and a wife does for her family. It makes me tired thinking about it!

I interviewed Cindy to find out where her inspiration comes from and any words of wisdom she might have for other writers.

  1. What or who inspired you to become a writer? How?

I’ve always enjoyed reading and after college and kids and work, I finally got back into it. Some friends gave me the Karen Kingsbury Baxter family series. It was, of course, amazing! I started consuming more and more novels from the local library, finding much more interest in the suspense side of Christian romance. Characters started forming in my mind, storylines, ideas and I decided to start typing, putting it all down and trying to make it a story.

  1. I understand how hard it is to read—much less write—when you’re involved in raising a family. How long did it take you to write your first novel? What was it and why? How about your second?

The first novel I wrote took a few months. The story line was about a woman in the military, working undercover in a boot camp where the commanding officer had been accused of mistreating new recruits. While there, she stumbles on another situation that ends up putting her in harms way. The second was a sequel to that storyline and I’ve yet to complete it! Starting out with a series probably wasn’t the best idea, but it all just seemed to fall into place. I’ll finish it someday!

  1. I’m sure you will. Tell us a little about how you came up with the ideas for your books. Did you draw any of your story or characters from real life?

Nothing really comes from real life. Sometimes I’ll watch a movie or drama and some small aspect will spark an idea. I tend to enjoy strong female characters, workaholics who’ve focused so long on their career the thought of finding a different lifestyle with a husband and family seems too far away. On occasion, the female protagonist will have that same stubborn streak I do or perhaps my sense of sarcasm and will be easily annoyed with pompous attitudes! But the storyline, it really does start with some spark and writes itself from there.

  1. Recently, I reviewed book, Your protagonist has skills! Are you a black belt or how did you learn to write those amazing fight scenes?

I have no fighting skills! I did box with my dad when I was young, 6-7, and tend to have a greater than average fight over flight sense. I’ve always enjoyed action movies instead of the romantic comedies, so I’ve just seen enough that it makes sense to me! I do want to actually attend a class or two, make it more realistic as I’m writing those scenes.

  1. Is there a personal quote or a quote from one of your books that you want to share?

As I began this journey of writing, there was a lot of cost- financially as well as time. I had two young children when I began and we were a one income family. So finding a balance was difficult. I put this verse on my home screen on my phone: “Show me the right path, o Lord; point out the road for me to follow.” Psalm 25:4. When I get a novel ready to publish or shop, I would pray that it was exactly how God would want it presented. Because ultimately, these books are for His glory, not mine. The time, the money, the cost had to be worth the path. So I always say if this is the path, then that’s what I’ll do. The second I feel God’s pull another direction, I’ll stop. It’s a mantra I’ve had to trust in even when it’s hard!

  1. We certainly hope God continues to lead you on the path of writing. What are you currently working on?

I have a three book series that I’m in the process of completion. The first book comes out November 16th, the other two will be in May and November 2022. It’s my first published series so I’m really excited about it! You can get a sneak peek at the covers in the back of Rainstorm as well as a preview of the first one, Fighter. photo of Rainstorm

  1. I read the preview and can’t wait for Fighter to come out! Any additional thoughts or advice you might have for my readers?

I have a lot of people ask how I started writing. The truth is, you just have to sit down and do it! My first 10 novels were unedited mounds of characters and undeveloped plot lines, but I typed them out anyway. I had no idea what I was doing and even now when I go back over them, I groan at overused words and phrases, unfinished thoughts and the fact they aren’t even spaced correctly! But that can all be fixed. Sit down, get your thoughts on paper and then study how to make it come together. Go to writer’s conferences where you’ll learn the best books to help you hone your skill, talk to other writers, practice editing other’s novels and then you’ll be able to see what you need to do in yours.

  1. How can readers find you?

You can always find me at my website: where I have links to my books and more information about me and my military connection. I’m also on Facebook @ cindybondsauthor. My books are available on Amazon as well as Kindle and if you’re visiting or passing through Arkansas, my books are available at The Pottery Shop here in Clinton, AR.

Thanks for helping us get to know you better, Cindy, and for your words of advice. We look forward to many more books from you in the future.

I hope you enjoyed my interview with Cindy Bonds. Be sure to check out her website and look for her books on Amazon.